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Stair Lifts


You don't need to leave a home you love just because it has more than one level.  Stairs shouldn't be the most dangerous place in your home or business. 


Adding a stair lift is often the least expensive, least intrusive, and most reliable way to help people who have trouble getting up and down stairs. 

  • Stair lifts are also called stairlifts, chair lifts and stair chair lifts.  They all include a chair that rides along a rail attached to the steps (not the wall).

  • Whatever the name, they provide a safe and easy way for many people to get up and down almost any kind of stairs.

  • Anyone who can stand up, move from one chair to another, and operate a simple hand control can ride a stair lift, usually unassisted.

  • Even people who need assistance can often ride stair lifts safely, with the help of seat belts and remote controls.

Why Use Us?

  • 10+ years of experience in Charlotte and the Carolinas

  • Thousands of satisfied clients 

  • Free expert advice

  • Free in-home assessments

  • Equipment from a variety of the best manufacturers

  • Client-centered approach

  • Prompt local service

  • Full support of manufacturer warranties

  • One-year labor warranty on all new installations

  • A+ BBB rating

Straight Stair Lifts

Straight stair lifts can be made to fit almost any straight set of stairs.  They are our most popular and affordable stair lifts.

Here are our most popular brands and models.  

Curved Stair Lifts

Curved stair lifts are computer-designed to match almost any kind of stairs.  That includes stairs with one or more curves, one or more middle landings, and more than two floors.  Since the rails of these lifts are curved, they can also take the chair and rider completely out of the stairway -- around a railing, even down a hall or into another room.


With their custom computer-aided design, these lifts are more expensive than straight stair lifts. Below are our most popular models.

Common Features 

Many Built-In Safeties

These features are designed to protect the rider, the lift, and others. For example, these lifts have sensors along the rail and near the steps that will stop the lift whenever they sense an obstruction (like a pet on the stairs).

Narrow Profiles

The arms, seat bottom, and footplate can be folded up to give the stair lift a narrow profile, leaving more room for people to use the stairs normally.  In that position, some lifts take only 12 inches at the maximum point (measured out from the wall where the stair lift is parked).

Powered by Rechargeable Batteries

Almost all modern stair lifts are powered by batteries that are continuously recharged when the lift is parked.  If the power goes out, these lifts can usually operate for several days of normal use.

Remote Controls

All of our new stair lifts come with 2 hand-held remote controls.  One can be kept at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom, so users can always call the lift to where they are. That's very important whenever more than one person in the home uses the lift.

Optional Features 

Hinged Rail

All stair lifts are designed to deliver the rider to the bottom landing. That means the rail extends past the bottom step, sometimes touching the floor. We carry several stair lifts with hinged rails, where the bottom section may be lifted vertically, leaving the floor clear at the bottom landing.

Power Swivel Seat

All stair lifts have seats that can be swiveled 90 degrees at the top of the stairs. Some users prefer powered seats that swivel themselves out and back. This can be helpful for anyone who has trouble using their legs and arms to swivel the seat.

Power Footplate

Stair lifts typically come with footplates that can be raised and lowered by hand. Some users prefer a stair lift with a powered footplate that can be raised and lowered with the flip of a switch on the arm of the seat.

Higher Weight Capacity

Most stair lifts can carry up to 300 pounds.  However, some stair lifts are clearly stronger and sturdier than others.  For those wanting extra strength and capacity, we sell commercial quality stair lifts that can easily carry 350 pounds and more.

Outdoor Capability

Sometimes an indoor stair lift can be used outside, if it is still protected from the weather (in garages, carports, and under some decks and porches). But special outdoor lifts are needed to handle applications where the lift is exposed to rain, snow, ice, dust and dirt.

Color Choices

Some stair lifts can be ordered with different color cushions.  Also, different manufacturers use different colors for their seats and rails. (Some rails have aluminum finishes. Others are painted tan or white.)   Because we carry lifts from several manufacturers, we can offer a variety of color options to fit most decors.

Used and Rental Stair Lifts

We also buy and resell gently used stair lifts.  That helps us lower the investment for many clients.  First, we are able to reduce the overall cost of owning a stair lift by repurchasing it when it is no longer needed.  And by selling recycled stair lifts, we can reduce the purchase price significantly.

We also offer rental and rent-to-buy terms on all of our used stair lifts.  Please contact us to learn about our current inventory and how we can reduce the cost of using a stair lift in your home or business.

Installation, Warranties, and Service

We recommend that all stair lifts be installed by professional installers who have experience installing that particular brand and type of stair lift.  We have that experience with all the brands we carry.

We install and provide service for every stair lift that we sell.  That includes full support of the manufacturers' warranties, plus a one-year labor warranty that we provide for all new stair lift installations.  We also offer regular maintenance and service plans for all of our stair lifts.  

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