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Grab Bars


This is where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Recovering from a bad fall can take many months, or years.  Sometimes people never fully recover. 


Yet preventing a fall is often cheap and easy.  Simple things can make such a difference -- like wearing the right shoes, getting rid of trip hazards, and using strong and well-placed grab bars.

Everyone has seen and used grab bars.  But most people don't know about the many different types and styles of grab bars that are available.  And many people can't or don't know how to install them properly.  That's where we can help.

  • If you ever feel unsteady or at risk in your home, that's where you probably need a grab bar.  Beside a step or doorway.  At the top of a set of stairs.  Beside your bed.  And especially in a slippery bathroom.

  • If you find yourself grabbing hold of a soap dish or towel bar, that's where you should probably put a grab bar.  (Those things are often slippery and not made to hold one's weight.)

  • The most important factors for selecting a grab bar are: 

    • Getting the right type

    • Putting it in the right location

    • Attaching it securely

  • The best ways to determine what one needs is with a home inspection, where we walk around with someone observe what they do.  Together, we can usually spot the areas and activities that present the greatest risk. 

Why Use Us?

  • 10+ years of experience in Charlotte and the Carolinas

  • Thousands of satisfied clients 

  • Free expert advice

  • Free in-home assessments

  • Equipment from a variety of the best manufacturers

  • Client-centered approach

  • Prompt local service

  • Full support of manufacturer warranties

  • One-year labor warranty on all new installations

  • A+ BBB rating

Fixed Grab Bars

Everyone knows what a fixed grab bar looks like.  But they might not think about all the places they can be used.

Folding and Pivoting Grab Bars

Pivoting and folding grab bars make the home safer for everyone.  They are available to those who need them, but move out of the way for those who don't.

The Super Pole 

The Super Pole is a standing grab bar that stretches between the floor and ceiling.  That means it can be put almost anywhere in one's home -- in the bathroom, beside a bed, beside a favorite chair, or near a closet door -- anywhere someone needs extra help.

Super Poles also come with different attachments.  The horizontal Super Bar can swing 360 degrees and then lock in place.  Also a trapeze option is available. which many people find helpful for getting up from a reclining position.

Decorative Grab Bars that Serve Other Functions

Today grab bars come in many decorative designs, where the grab bar is incorporated with other components to serve a variety of functions.  Following are just some of the options available.

A Host of Color, Design and Texture Options

Installation, Warranties, and Service

We recommend that all grab bars be installed by professionals that have experience installing grab bars in a variety of different materials and locations.  Attaching grab bars can be particularly difficult, because of bathroom tile and limited space.  We have extensive experience installing all types of grab bars, in a variety of locations.

We install and provide service for every piece of equipment that we sell.  That includes full support of manufacturers' warranties, plus a one-year labor warranty that we provide for all installations.  

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