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We have extensive experience dealing with many local, state and Federal agencies that provide financial assistance for these products.  We would be glad to explain their processes to you and guide you to the best programs.

Following are some additional resources you might find helpful.

Tax Deductions

Medical and dental expenses for individuals or dependents that exceed 10% (7.5% for those over 65 years of age) of their annual income can be deducted from their taxable income when filing taxes. There are some expenses that are ineligible, such as medical expenses reimbursed by Medicare, health insurance, etc. To learn more about medical and dental expenses visit the IRS website.


Installation of stair lifts, wheelchair lifts and roll-in showers are considered home modifications because permanent changes are made to the home to facilitate the elderly or disabled person living there. Home modifications are not covered under Medicare or Medicaid. Medicare does not consider it medically necessary to go from one floor to the other. For more information visit Medicare’s website.


Medicaid is a joint federal- and state-funded insurance program for low-income, disabled individuals including seniors. Medical care and support services are almost fully covered for eligible individuals. The requirements to qualify for Medicaid differ from state to state but in general, financial (income and assets) and medical (ability to perform activities of daily living) considerations are evaluated. Depending on the state, various waiver programs to help people remain in or transfer into a community rather than in a nursing home, institution or hospital—are available. To obtain more information by state visit Medicaid’s website.

There are waiver programs that qualify some individuals for services for what is normally outside the scope of Medicaid. We participate in a number of those and qualification is on a county-by-county basis. Contact your Department of Social Services for further information.

Department of Veterans' Affairs

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs offers many different funding programs and financial assistance for veterans. You must begin with an appointment with a Veterans Administration Doctor and expressing your need to them. Once they evaluate your condition, your VA doctor may recommend a stair lift- they will begin the necessary documentation for the procurement department. The prosthesis department will contact 3 vendors for bids for lifts. Carolina Lift and Elevator is on the vendor list for the area VA offices. You may request that they call us for a bid.

Veterans Directed Community and Home Based Services

Also known as VD-HCBS, these services provide qualified veterans with certain amounts of money to be spent towards durable medical equipment. Visit the VD-HCBS website for more information. This is separate from the traditional VA benefit.

Recycled Stair Lifts and Ramps

Often we can significantly reduce the cost by selling recycled stair lifts and ramps.  We usually keep several items in stock that can be purchased or rented.  Every recycled item is carefully inspected and tested for safety and proper function.  And we provide limited warranties on all of our recycled items.

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