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Home Elevators

Putting an elevator in one's home is the best way to help everyone move from floor to floor, while also adding permanent value to your property. 

Why Use Us?

  • 10+ years of experience in Charlotte and the Carolinas

  • Thousands of satisfied clients 

  • Free expert advice

  • Free in-home assessments

  • Equipment from a variety of the best manufacturers

  • Client-centered approach

  • Prompt local service

  • Full support of manufacturer warranties

  • One-year labor warranty on all new installations

  • A+ BBB rating


  • Installing a home elevator is the perfect solution for many people.  For getting from one floor to another, they are the ultimate in safety, convenience and comfort.

  • Home elevators always increase the value of a home, while also making the property more accessible to a growing portion of our aging population.

  • Home elevators now offer more flexibility than ever before.  They come in many sizes and configurations, and can be made to fit a wide range of applications.

  • Most home elevators also have cabs that may be fully customized to match any taste and decor.

Unlimited Cab Designs

Our residential elevators come with a wide range of factory-provided design options for everything inside the cab -- from the ceiling to the floor.  The cabs also come in basic trim that owners and contractors can customize to match any taste or home decor.  Below is a sampling of some of the designs we have seen and installed.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Most home elevators have two kinds of doors.  They have a normal house door at each landing that swings open into the hall or room.  They also have a folding accordion-style door on the cab.  Riders must open and close both doors whenever they enter or exit the elevator. 

We also offer models that have automatic sliding doors, like those on office elevators.  These doors open and close automatically at each landing.  They look more professional, are more convenient (especially for someone in a wheelchair), and they don't have regular doors that take up space in the hallway or room when opened.

Below are some examples that we provide with sliding doors made of glass, textured stainless steel, and steel doors that are painted to blend-in with the house trim.

Typical Requirements

  • Of course, all elevators need a dedicated shaft that is well suited for that purpose.  There must be a solid (concrete) floor at the base.  The walls must be vertical and precisely meet the manufacturer's specifications for that elevator.

  • For existing homes, elevator shafts can be often be adapted to the structure by replacing hall closets or the corners of rooms at various levels.  Another common option is to attach a shaft to the outside of the home, blending it with the rest of the exterior of the home.

  • The most common type of home elevator is powered by an electric motor at the top of the hoist-way.  It raises and lowers the cab by moving a chain linking the cab to a set of counter-weights.  With this design, the elevator can be completely self-contained inside the shaft.

  • Other elevators, including most of those with hydraulic operations, need a separate machine room (which can be a small room or closet), to hold the hydraulic motor and other components.

  • Home elevators typically operate on standard household current, from both 220v and 110v circuits  

Of course, determining the requirements for each situation is part of our free on-site assessment.  When we can't meet all the requirements ourselves, we would be glad to work with your contractor or help you find one to do the additional work for you.

Common Features

Automatic Safety Brake:  If for any reason the elevator starts to move down too quickly, the brake will halt it. 

Emergency Lowering:   If the elevator ever gets stuck between floors, it can be lowered manually from the outside.

Cab Telephone:  Connected to the house phone line, especially for emergency use.

Auxiliary DC Power Supply:   For continued operation in case of a power failure.


Hydraulic Power:  For smoother and quieter operation, usually with greater capacity.

Automatic Sliding Doors:  Space-saving, more convenient, more professional appearance.

Cab and Door Appearance:  Including many factory options and unlimited custom designs.

Two-Door Cabs:  Straight-through or 90-degree configurations, to maximize flexibility at different landings.  

Installation, Warranties, and Service

Of course, all residential elevators should be installed by professionals that have experience installing that particular brand and type of elevator  We have that experience with all the models we sell.

We install and provide service for every elevator and lift that we sell.  That includes full support of the manufacturers' warranties, plus a one-year labor warranty that we provide for all new installations.  We also offer regular maintenance and service plans for all of our lifts.  

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